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Bean There, Done That

“Are you crazy, Jeanie?”

“I never meant to, Fritz. Y’all know me.”

I did. She was a street junkie who sold anything she could, toasters, cameras, her own body, to feed her habit. I’ve seen her high on everything from paint thinner to heroin.

“You saw that big stash and wad of cash and simply could not pass it up. That it?” I shook my head, disappointed. continue

No Need to Be Courageous

“Always trust your instinct, mon chér. It will not deceive you. Listen to me, had I only paid attention to my inner voice when I was young I might have averted the only regret I hold in all of my long life. I still have the nightmares, oui. Not every night any more but, still, often enough. I did what any of my compatriots would have done so my conscience is clear, but still I abhor doing that which I should have avoided. Had I only listened to my gut! My instinct would have saved me.”

My aunt was eighty-four then. She had lived in America since marrying my mother‘s brother in 1949. continue

Night Scout

There was no moon but it didn’t matter. The stars were so bright I could see plenty with my naked eyes, but peering through the night vision field glasses was like looking out there at high noon. These were the most technologically advanced binoculars available and came with a high resolution intensifier that amplified light 35,000 times. The best part was that, even if there was no light to amplify – zero, zip, nada – the infrared illuminator would cut through the darkness. The glasses were called Night Scouts and all the boarder patrol guys carried them. Mine were borrowed and dangled from a strap at my neck when I wasn’t peering through them.

Rex heard him before I spotted him... continue

A Present Fantasy

They fell in love on the twenty-seventh floor, where you can feel the building sway on a windy day. Initially there were exchanges of shy and sly smiles in the break room. She found him sexy, dark with hollow cheeks, getting his own caffeine from the Bunn dispenser in his gray pin-stripe suit... continue

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