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Bean There, Done That

A US Drug Enforcement Administration senior agent investigates the murder of an owner of a coffee importation business with ties to an international drug smuggling organization.
Read an excerpt of Bean There, Done That.

A Present Fantasy

A “sneak-peak” at an office romance between a beautiful, young assistant and her older, married boss.
Read an excerpt of A Present Fantasy.

To See the Ocean

A dying young mother has but one compelling wish and this tale details her loving husband’s heroic efforts to make it come true.

Natural Born Driver

A fourteen-year-old and his kid sister steal a car, elude cops and make personal discoveries as they race across rural Texas in 1967.

A House in the Suburbs

A poetic interpretation of a suburban affair—a tryst with a twist.

The Night the Beetle Got Plugged

A philandering electronics genius finally gets his comeuppance in this morality tale with more twists and turns than a New Jersey turnpike.

The Preacher

An aging man of God poignantly recalls his one and only regret in life.

No Need to Be Courageous

A young woman in Nazi-occupied France finds her loyalty questioned when she falls in love with a bureaucrat employed by the enemy.
Read an excerpt of No Need to Be Courageous.

Night Scout

An escaped cop-killer known as the “Rooster” attempts to elude capture as he trudges on foot across the desert, pursued by a young tracker with incredible skills, the DEA and a team of county deputies bent on revenge.
Read an excerpt of Night Scout.

One More Thing

It’s “sorority rush” time and a young coed seeking initiation does what’s required of her in the wee hours of a winter morning at the local Starbucks.

He Cast No Shadow

A one-page tale in verse about a man who cast no shadow—on a sunny day or any way.

One Last One

How a high school coach with a major gambling addiction overcomes all obstacles to win that one last one, the final game of the season, by hook or by crook.

Tales of the Twisted Texan

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