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Twisted Texan: The News Lady and the Chicken

A US Drug Enforcement Administration senior agent reluctantly oversees the training of an “imbedded” television news reporter while investigating of a Colombian drug cartel.
Read an excerpt of Twisted Texan: The News Lady and the Chicken.

Texas Hondas

A poignant story of two brothers sharing one last ride together before one of them departs on a tour of duty in Viet Nam.

Christmas in Room 201

Orphans struggle to cope with the fact that one of them is dying and may not see Christmas.

The Hobo

A lonesome hobo finds himself the victim of circumstances and the target of an angry mob bent on revenge in rural 1950’s Texas.


A sad lament as a man makes full confession regarding a haunting childhood misdeed, the airing an old festering wound kept hidden in the darkest corner of his soul for far too long.
Read an excerpt of Everett.

Muddy Boots

A mystical tale of a young cowboy possessed in body, mind and spirit to avenge the murder of his mother and father—ten years to the day following their untimely death.

The Blue Pencil

The intriguing story of a horror-writer whose fiction predicts reality with amazing accuracy and what happens when he unwisely writes his girlfriend into one of his own twisted plots.

Alpha-Beta Critical Discourse

A brainy, comical diatribe everyone finds grand, highly intelligent, justifiably kooky, lovingly mental, not openly principled, quintessentially relevant, simply twisted.

T-bird Travels

An excerpt from a travelogue that records one “day to remember” and some kinky characters in Kingman, Arizona.

Not That Kind of Girl

A tortured man remembers too late his reasons for treasuring a wife of many years.

The Best Man

Two men fight with their fists under the blazing Texas sun to determine which is the best man.


An electrifying young woman loses the men in her life in shocking circumstances. Read an excerpt of Ozone.

At the Wedding

A young man reacts unexpectedly when he attends the wedding of his ex-fiancé and a former best friend.

A Man’s Personal Philosophy

A man’s guiding philosophy is an incredible twist on the Golden Rule, but it works for him.

Forever Yours

Three buddies agree not to tell their best friend that his lovely wife is involved in an illicit affair with his most important client.

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